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Camissa is an indigenous Khoisan word describing the area around Table Bay known as the City Bowl today. It means “The place of sweet waters”, derived from the fountains, springs and streams originally found around Table Mountain.
Camissa was launched in 2006 by Khonaye and Samantha as a true “Black-owned and managed South African” company, focussing on Townships Tours. We do not do poverty tours, rather our tours focus on the people who live in the Townships, their daily lives, culture, traditions, norms, and customs.

Camissa has impeccable BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) credentials. We are 100% Black-owned and managed. Samantha and Khonaye have lived in the Townships around Cape Town for years and they personally conduct our tours. In addition to guiding, Khonaye and Samantha have their hands full with our sales effort, building relationships with the distribution channel in Cape Town and abroad.

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  • Karin Hawelka
    Karin Hawelka
    3 weeks ago

    Positive Individual pick up at a hotel outside of town that was closer to my area Very insightful and eye-opening walking tour through Langa with guide Sake. Sake who grew up in Langa gave us a very good and authentic overview to help to understand the history, current situation and the community spirit of the township. At the same time we had the opportunity to ask questions. This part of the tour took approx.45 - 60 min and was the best part of the morning. People we met were all friendly and we felt always safe. To be improved We were astonished to be picked-up in a quite new looking Mercedes Benz. Quite a part of the tour was driving with the car through district 6 and through parts of Langa. It felt very awkward and not appropriate to drive with a Mercedes through the little streets along the shacks and township residents. It leaves a bit a feeling how much of the income of the tour will help the people in Langa? Our other driver guide overloaded us with info during the tour. It felt a bit like a robot and we hardly had any chance to ask questions. Walking through the township felt ok for me but driving through the shacks gave a feeling of “human safari” that was unappropriate. Tour lasted incl. transfers only approx. 3 h 20 Min instead of the advertised 4 h. No visit of creche, Bonteheuwel township, Gugulethu Seven Memorial and Amy Biehl Memorial as advertised. The little tourist market in Langa where we had a stop to buy products seemed quite overpriced compared to other areas which leaves a bit a stale feeling. Most tourists surely want to support the community but would probably by more willing to help if price level was a bit different. Overall mixed feelings and I would book a tour from another operator next time due to the experiences mentioned above.

  • Olivier Advocaat
    Olivier Advocaat
    8 months ago

    ++ Pleasant experience with the Camissa team. We visited a township (Langa) near Cape Town and got to walk around as well as receive a lot of information from the guide, whilst driving around. You do get to see the real deal and get a tasty of what south afrika is also known for. + Would definately recommend the gospel tour since its very authentic and amazing to hear the local community sing and come together. We enjoyed this very much! - We appreciated getting a lot of information, but sometimes it was just to much. It can be hard to concentrate on the information overload, when also looking around and experiencing what is going on in the township itself. Would recommend the guides to skip some information and create more windows to be able to ask questions or just have a little bit of breathing room. - We spend more than 30 minutes in the local visitors center which was a bit commercial. TIP We would also advise the local community to lower the prices of the items they are selling in both the visitors center but also on the streets. These prices are way higher compared to other souvenir shops in the area. Tourists would be inclined to purchase more if you lower the bar.

  • Lucca Horseriding
    Lucca Horseriding
    a year ago

    We, Adriano and Rosi, from The Netherlands had a wonderful experience with Carissa tour, Khonaye Tuswa, to the Township ( Lalanga ) with Simosake (local guide). They both have great local knowledge, were very friendly and helpful. And we had a very warm welcome being with them and with their insights into township life and growing up in Cape Town etc. We recommend them wholeheartedly to all future tourists! It’s the best the experience! Do t miss it!

  • Julie Guicheteau
    Julie Guicheteau
    4 years ago

    We were not sure we wanted to have a township tour, and i finally booked a tour with Camissa Travel which was recommanded from the Backpacker (le Routard). Our driver, Nelson, was very friendly and passionnated about history, we learned so much with him, he put things into perspective and gave us a chance to try to understand the history of Cape Town, South Africa and the townships. We had the chance to walk into a township and to have contacts with the people living here. We could see that Langa is trying to improve the living of these habitants. We felt very safe during the tour, and at no moment we had an intrusiv feeling. I would recommand it again and again. Thank you for this experience.

  • Vincent Broeder
    Vincent Broeder
    5 years ago

    Must do when in Cape Town. It is a part of South African live and history you simply cannot ignore. The driver (Mpumzi) was really knowledgeable and gave a good overview of how the segregation formed over the years, The walking guide (Songs) is born and raised in the Langa township and can tell you everything you want to know. To be able to see inside the township houses and walk around the streets was a really valuable experience.

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