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Authentic • Flavour • Community

A multi-sensory experience Made in Africa South Africa.

Our identity is composed of three distinct elements, which underpin everything we do and say….:

Authentic: Thathu is an extension of the founder’s personal full-circle experience into the culinary space but also expresses a bounty of lineage. A nod to intersectional spaces for citizens of the world.

Flavour: Our cooking is heartfelt, wholesome, authentic, produce-driven, and cooked by a team of people who are passionate about what they do and who feel truly privileged to work with beautiful ingredients. We hope to create an experience that not only stands out on the plate but lingers in the memory. It’s that adherence to traditions and excellent cooking that makes Thathu the first of its kind within the Southern African culinary space.

Community: Our restaurant is built with a community in mind. A warm and personal dining venue focused on charcoal-grilled dishes, made using modern techniques and recipes, using some of the country’s best suppliers.”- Thathu Restaurant


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  • Spokenpriestess
    5 months ago

    I came back to Thatu to try menu items which were going to have in an upcoming event & shoot content for promotional purposes. I loove, loved, the jollof & morrocan chicken combo! I was a little thrown off by the corn in the rice since I'm allergic but I just ate it The mushroom samp was sweet & I hated that taste in the samp, not sure why they sweeten it that much. Their whisky sour was good (if that's what I had - I know I had that upstairs at Vernacular Lounge). All in all, a cozy place for a dinner for two. The service is quite average, we walked in and sat ourselves down which for me indicated that their service from the last time I visited them over a year ago hadn't really improved that much. Is it cause the place is small so they don't bother with watching the door? I don't know, but they didn't give that inviting "hi, come in, welcome" vibe which can change the atmosphere of your experience in an establishment.

  • Mongezi Mtati
    Mongezi Mtati
    a month ago

    The menu is comprehensive and the staff is accommodating. Their curried oxtail with the mushroom samp definitely worth it. The samp has this uniquely creamy texture with a sweetness that works greatly with a saucy meal. The restaurant is small enough to be and feel intimate but also welcoming. If you're looking for a combination of contemporary meets African fusion dining, try this place.

  • Amanda Kaburise
    Amanda Kaburise
    a year ago

    An absolute treat. Beautiful interior with wonderful pieces of art. The food was so tasty as well. The only reason it's not a 5 star is because I wasn't in love with the desserts I tried but that was a me thing. Everyone else at the table loved the desserts. Delightful experience. I cannot wait to go back and taste more of their menu. Definitely recommend.

  • Dhanishta Kowlessur
    Dhanishta Kowlessur
    4 months ago

    Nice place to chill. Like the oxtail, and the white wine Chenin.

  • Zimangazenkosi Mthimkhulu

    Food took forever to arrive from this restaurant to aister restaurant vernacular lounge durong live gig we waited too long and after repeated followup had to fo collect fppd from the kitchen myself

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