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Come experience the tranquil Zen atmosphere where you can enjoy colourful authentic Japanese Sushi served with a variety of South African sparkling wines. Our team will provide you with an African Experience. Soul Food Sushi, service with Flavour, and the need to engage all travelers local and International.

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76 reviews
  • Shane Clark
    Shane Clark
    4 years ago

    Good enough sushi for the cost and price

  • Mosa Seloane
    Mosa Seloane
    a year ago

    This establishment is inconsistent in its operations: closing doors at random times without informing patrons. This is the third time I've experienced this today. It happened at the two previous locations as well where the restaurant was operating from. Why are you closed when we're under impression you're of all days?

  • Cryptosunflower
    4 years ago

    I LOVED this sushi. Slightly unusual, but great tasting. Biltong in sushi?? Believe me, it works. For me anyways. We nearly walked out because it was so empty but I really wanted the experience. I am so glad we persevered. What an awesome eve. Great sushi, very reasonable price. Service was fabulous and attentive. Definitely a return.

  • D H
    D H
    a year ago

    I had the grilled angelfish and veggies with a couple glasses of a South African Chenin Blanc. The food was excellent, but it was the service that was unparalleled. The hostess, seeing my delight at the people-watching, took me on an impromptu tour and enriched my South African adventure in ways I couldn't have anticipated. I am truly appreciative of my beautiful experience at The Blackanese and recommend this spot to anyone who enjoys good food and better atmosphere.

  • Zane Wright
    Zane Wright
    6 years ago

    The salmon was not fresh, but everything else on the sushi menu is great. Was very quiet but the staff were friendly and fried their best to create a good atmosphere with a good music selection. Nice craft beer aswell.

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