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‘Happiness comes from cooking for the hungry but true joy comes from cooking for the curious-minded, that way cooking becomes a form of art’

At Anda, we redefine the dining experience, offering a symphony of flavors crafted with passion and precision. As a premier fine dining destination, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey where every dish tells a story of creativity and excellence.” – Anda Kigali

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12 reviews
  • Megan Geddis
    Megan Geddis
    a year ago

    lovely experience. delightful and skilled staff, creative and tasty food, reasonably priced for the quality. recommend!

  • Paula Kami
    Paula Kami
    a year ago

    I had the BEST 7 course meal at Anda last night. The Chef and the Food were AMAZING. I would say definitely go there READY to EAT. I miss the food already. I have so much to say because in the moment I was speechless. The time in between meals is perfect. The servers are very respectful and friendly and welcoming. The music was and is fantastic. Location is great. The privacy is there. The food went down so well. Overall this is a 5 star worthy experience.

  • Paula Akugizibwe
    Paula Akugizibwe
    a year ago

    I’ve been to Anda too many times to count, and I’m always impressed by the thoughtfulness and attention to detail of Chef Treasure and his team. But as a vegetarian, I’m especially delighted by the creativity in the options presented, which are almost 100% made from fresh local ingredients. No other restaurant in the city offers such delicate, precise and unexpected flavors in their plant-based menu. The best part of Anda is that, as much as it delivers on a true fine dining experience, it never feels stuck up or pretentious—elegant but easy going vibes. A must try in Kigali!

  • Enrico Morriello
    Enrico Morriello
    a year ago

    Really sorry to say this about a recently opened place but at the end of the dinner you feel a bit ripped off. Food is OK, the attempt to get "inspired" by some fine dishes prepared by compettiotion is evident but the execution.. Not the same standards unfortunately. Beware risotto, drastically overcooked, and be prepared to pay wine 5 or 6 times more the market price.

  • Batya Blankers
    Batya Blankers
    a year ago

    Best fine dinning restuarant in Kigali. Outstanding food by Chef Treasure!

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