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“High standard hotels in West Africa.

The Azalaï Group is a regional leader in the hospitality sector in West Africa. Established in Bamako and with more than 25 years of experience, the Group strives to satisfy the growing needs of its customers through its high-end service.

From Bamako to Ouagadougou via Cotonou, Bissau, Nouakchott, Abidjan and Loumbila, the Azalaï Group offers high standard hotels in the main capitals of West Africa.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Azalaï Group hotels guarantee your comfort, safety and well-being throughout your stay.” –  Azalai Hotel Group


Google Reviews

3,849 reviews
  • Effiong Samuel
    Effiong Samuel
    a week ago

    Beautiful place, close to the airport and excellent service. Good place to be in. Good food. Expensive though but worth it.

  • Amaresh Jha
    Amaresh Jha
    a month ago

    Was in Bar lounge in evening for Proffesional meeting…had just a 🍺 and they had live African traditional music played which was really so awesome, liked it too much, i had the best relaxing evening after whole day work…impressed me so much that sharing short present a glimpse❤️

  • Peter Barathan
    Peter Barathan
    2 weeks ago

    I travel for work; i'm in hundreds of hotels every year. This is by far the worst run hotel i've ever stayed in. I've been booked here multiple times and i'm constantly disappointed by the incompetence of the management. If I was GM of this hotel, I would be extremely embarrassed; but that is the difference between being mediocre and being great. DON'T BOOK HERE.

  • Deep Biswas
    Deep Biswas
    4 months ago

    Awful service, I was ill, and made to wait hours for room service, being sent food I didn't order, no urgency to fix. Treat customer as they really don't matter. If you're looking for staff to treat you with dignity, it is not here.

  • Garcia Honvoh
    Garcia Honvoh
    a month ago

    I always feel at home at Azalaï. I discovered them in Burkina Faso and experienced their service in Mali besides Cote d'Ivoire. I'm yet to experience them in my own country Benin - My mum did say she liked the atmosphere during a seminar or gala she attended Back to Abidjan, the room is comfortable, the food and the staff from the security officers, receptionnists to the restaurant and cleaners, they know how to make you feel at ease. They are always ready to help. I hope they will continue maintaining, improving and innovating to keep/raise the standards to stand the competition. All the best!

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