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Bottles. Burgers. Beers
Local burger joint with a twist in the heart of Linden Johannesburg.

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659 reviews
  • Gloire Kahozi
    Gloire Kahozi
    2 years ago

    BunsOut has been on my mind from the moment they opened. I eventually decided to pay them a visit and the excitement that I had built up was crashed almost instantly by the quality of the food and service. Unfortunately, the lettuce in our burgers had dirt in them, meaning that they weren't cleaned properly. It was quite strange because the place has so many good reviews, not too sure what happened on that day.

  • Nafisa Akabor
    Nafisa Akabor
    4 years ago

    Buzzing new spot, lovely atmosphere. The menu is simple with a fair amount of options for vegetarian and vegans too. I had the Fry's Chicken vegan burger and it was good, without the bun. Opted for sweet potato fries. This was my second choice as the Beyond Burger was sold out. Recommended visit!

  • Mandisa Lings
    Mandisa Lings
    4 years ago

    The Burgers here are very nice, we really enjoyed our meals however the attitude of one of their cashiers was not pleasant at all, kinda almost ruined that first experience. I found that the restaurant is quite small and would prefer if there's a lot of outside tables or an AC. We sat inside and it was extremely hot that day, the heat/steam coming from the kitchen was some what disturbing. Their fries are thee best. The buns are fresh and in fact the whole burger was amazing. I would go back to try other meals as a take away option.

  • Richard Links
    Richard Links
    3 years ago

    The hype over this restaurant was so disappointing prior to my arrival. I find this restaurant to be average and similar to any other restaurant. They have delicious burger patties, could do better with their buns, a big hard to bite into. Outside presentation looks relaxing, great spot to have a two or group eat out. From the menu, they had burgers, few desserts and drinks which was rather shocking, keeping in mind this was during the national lockdown period. Overall, the workers service was amazing, made the restaurant visit feel appreciated and worthwhile.

  • Mpumelelo Ndaba
    Mpumelelo Ndaba
    4 years ago

    Went here with my friends for a lunch date, it’s a cute restaurant. Sucks that there’s not much to drink aside from the very limited soft drink options (if you want drinks you have to buy them elsewhere) and the space is really small. We sat at the table near the till and people kept bumping into me, very annoying when you’re trying to eat. Otherwise, it’s cute. I really enjoyed my burger.

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