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“Eco-friendly family cabins • Vacation home” – Ecolodge Kunda


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10 reviews
    5 years ago

    Amazing experience... Make sure to bring all that you will need with you. Sheets and pillows and snacks and toiletries. But once you are there, you are transported to another realm. The nights are transformative with the awe inspiring display of stars in the sky. With the lack of light pollution that far out, it is a sight to behold.

  • John and Emily Combest

    Absolutely gorgeous, well kept, and wonderful staff. Be informed that road access is a difficult three and a half hours from Pointe Noire, but well worth it.

  • Ka Bien
    Ka Bien
    5 years ago

    Little corner of paradise lost at the entrance to the Konkoiti park, this camp allows you to disconnect, the huts are designed, the food is very good and the service is impeccable, to visit or revisit

  • Valérie Mavoungou Rodriguez

    Superb experience in the great outdoors

  • Claire Monnier
    Claire Monnier
    2 years ago

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