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“Modern and comfortable accommodation in Bamako
Modern and comfortable accommodation in Bamako
The rooms at the Grand Hôtel Bamako have a modern layout for optimal comfort. Each room has been carefully decorated, in accordance with Malian art and culture. The rooms and suites combine comfort and traditional African design.” – Grand Hotel Bamako

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679 reviews
  • Adnane Chaaito
    Adnane Chaaito
    3 months ago

    Good hôtel in thé heart of thé city

  • Holly Chung
    Holly Chung
    3 years ago

    Accomodation is clean, food is nice, and it is close to a national museum and the post office. I also really like they have a small bookstore within the hotel. ( traveled there March 2019)

  • Philip Abugri
    Philip Abugri
    4 years ago

    Decent facilities and friendly staff. Food is good . Laundry services available and security is great. However, there are no kettles in the rooms and no complimentary tea or coffee.

  • Monika Peruffo
    Monika Peruffo
    4 years ago

    One of the very few hotels in Bamako in the UN list of approved accommodations. Prices are at European levels. Rooms are clean, restaurant is good, staff is kind, swimming pool is clean and with life saving attendants. But definitely overpriced vs. real cost of life in Bamako and other hotels in town (see also the loft, onomo, Colibri, etc) .

  • Luke Filose
    Luke Filose
    12 years ago

    I always stay at Le Loft in Bamako. The rates are VERY reasonable, the rooms are nice, the location is decent, they take credit cards with no hassle, and they do airport transfers. Very nice restaurant, but expensive. Very cheap and tasty schwarma place downstairs. They don't have safes in the rooms, and even the non-smoking rooms sometimes smell smoky (and have ash-trays), those are my only two complaints.

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