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Kalipano Hotel managed by Sunbird Hotels & Resorts, Malawi’s leading hotel chain, is located in Dowa

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28 reviews
  • Sr.Veronika Engelmann

    Beautiful Hotel in beautiful surroundings. However the service is very poor. Since the Hotel has just starting operating, it seems that the Service Staff is just learning things from the grassroots. They are quite friendly and polite, but definitely not well trained. We had been waiting 3 hours for lunch. The salad came without dressing. When asking for the dressing, the waiter didn't even know what dressing is. Still a lot of room for improvement.

  • Chinsi C
    Chinsi C
    7 months ago

    This is will be a great place once it's finished but currently they still have a lot of deficiencies. The service needs improvement. Rooms are the best would rate 10/10.

  • Brave Tembo
    Brave Tembo
    9 months ago

    Enjoyable boat ride on Dzombe lake with Captain Friday, a gentleman with a cool demeanour. My 5 years old girls enjoyed the ride. As a person who had crossed this land on bare ground before the birth of lake Dzombe, I can attest the transforming power of a vision, even to typical rural area of Malawi. Served by Oscar in Mulalo restaurant. Excellent customer service. The meals were as desired. A tasty spring chicken, oven roasted meeting my wife's taste. My daughter enjoyed the chicken kumudzi, while the rest jumped on T-bone and Pork chops. Surprisingly the usual fanta tasted like Kamuzu Fanta, bringing the old memories of the original Fanta.

  • Martin Barshir Nkhoma

    The Boat Experience was fantastic, and its a good place to fish, it was my first time to swing a fishing load, it's just a good place to relax

  • Maggie Chimwemwe Jere

    Not the best place to go for vacation at the moment Still at work So ,so far I dislike it

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