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“Mzansi Restaurant is an African Restaurant in Langa, situated 15 KM from the centre of Cape Town City. It is operated and owned by a local South African couple, Nomonde and Vukile Siyaka. Officially opened in 2008, Mzansi serves delicious traditional African meals and cuisine that showcase the country’s diverse cultures and tastes. It also offers a multiple cultural activities: customers can listen to the African Marimba band play-ing Indigenous, pop, and jazz music while learning the local dance. Nomonde also shares with all of her guests the powerful story behind the restau-rant and her family. Other activities are also available upon request, such as gumboot dancing, face painting, drum circles, and township tours. Stop searching for “African Restaurants Cape Town” and make a booking.” – Mzansi Restaurant

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360 reviews
  • Miranda Miller
    Miranda Miller
    a year ago

    We loved our night out at Mzansi! It’s a real cultural hub in Langa, with local musicians, delicious and authentic South African food, and a painting demonstration by a local artist. The staff were all wonderful and their cooks, “the Mommas,” are amazing. The entire restaurant was up dancing by the end of the night. It is a real local neighbourhood, so staff met us outside as we got out of the car and waited with us at the end of the night to see us off safely, as well. Highly recommend making this a must-visit in your Cape Town travels.

  • Cynthia Santos Tejada
    Cynthia Santos Tejada
    12 months ago

    Amazing food, everything was to die for and the staff and music so lovely. Best experience of Cape Town! There is nothing like having local food from “the momma’s” of the community!

  • Myron Mendes
    Myron Mendes
    5 years ago

    This is not your run-of-the-mill place to visit. Nestled deep in the heart of Langa, a couple kilometers off downtown Cape Town, Mzansi Restaurant is a definite stop for everyone visiting the city. You will be met by the owner of the place, a very warm hearted woman entrepreneur, who will share with you the entire history and background of the restaurant along with her success and struggles of running the place. One has to make a prior booking before going there. Don't miss visiting this place to get a real glimpse of life as a black person in Cape Town. The food is great and so is the live music and dancing.

  • Austin Leonard
    Austin Leonard
    4 years ago

    This is a MUST-VISIT on your Cape Town and South African Trip, regardless of how long you’re visiting or the purpose of your trip. We simply can’t say enough about how much we loved spending Christmas Day/Dinner at Mzansi. If you like getting to know the actual people and culture of your trips, then joining Mama Nomonde and her family for dinner is an absolute must. They treat you like family, and bring to life the history of Cape Town, the country and the people of South Africa. Given they are #1 on TripAdvisor, there is much to read and see from the thousands of people that have made Mzansi part of their trips, so here are a few top things to know about this truly unique find: 1) Don’t listen to your concierge, Uber driver, etc. about being scared to go to the Langa Township for this dinner. They will try to talk you out of going there, but it’s unlikely that they have even been to any of the Townships, which means that they haven’t experienced the joy and warmth of Mzansi. Let’s be clear: you’re probably not going to want to walk around the restaurant or neighborhood, as this is not the shiny, protected area of Cape Town that is made for Tourists. 2) The residents of Langa have not had a fair shake, but they are resilient, hopeful people who are trying to make their community a better place. Unemployment is close to 30%, so supporting this restaurant helps to raise up the entire community. We were there on Christmas Day and they welcomed us into their home with open arms, big smiles and love. The entire neighborhood was celebrating, singing and enjoying life. 3) Reserve your place ahead of time, and please, if anything comes up, be sure to let them know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or postpone. They make all of the food to order in anticipation of the reservations for that night (there are no walk-ups), so if something comes up, let them know so that they don’t waste any food. (We had some folks that were running late, so don’t be ashamed to come late - it’s way better to be late than to stiff them!) The food was fantastic. It was real, it was really tasty and there’s no chance that anyone went home hungry. (I’m still dreaming of the chicken and the dessert pudding!) The families, band and service are unreal - they make you feel at home right from the start, and they will do anything to make your visit and night better. It’s a fun night and it will not be just another dinner on your trip. There was NEVER a moment where we felt unsafe. The restaurant isn’t too deep into the Township and they make sure that everyone feels like a welcomed and special guest to the entire neighborhood. Plan your visit around when you can get a table here, and get ready for an unforgettable night!

    5 years ago

    Had a beautiful reception from Mama, She welcomed us with so much love and warmth. The food was 5 Star, she is the best African restaurant I have ever been. Great food, entertainment and hospitality.

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