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“NOK by Alara is a contemporary African restaurant and the culinary extension of Reni Folawiyo’s concept to celebrate and elevate all aspects of African lifestyle. At NOK, we reinvent classics of African cooking, giving foods with which we are familiar an innovative twist. Nestled within a lush bamboo-framed garden, NOK is an intimate dining space displaying contemporary Art and Design from all over the continent. With the Senegalese New York-based chef, Pierre Thiam as executive chef, NOK aims to give you a rare dining experience that celebrates the distinctive flavours from all over the African continent. ”

– NOK by Alara


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  • Yemi Bello
    Yemi Bello
    a week ago

    NoK delivered a stellar dining experience! The culinary delights were a perfect fusion of flavors from all over Africa, the ambience exuded elegance, and the prices were quite reasonable for such a high-quality establishment. A must-try for those seeking a memorable dining venture.

  • Ble Anya
    Ble Anya
    5 months ago

    Decided to visit NOK after seeing other people's reviews. I saw a few menus on their website before arriving, so I was surprised that I could only order from 1 menu at the restaurant. It would be great if they clarified that on their pages beforehand. I couldn't order anything I really wanted to try with the menu I was given. I placed my order and was given some sweet potato crisps while waiting for the order. I ordered the goat rolls, spicy cornbread, tamarind wings, abula, and ordered oxtail hotpot for takeout. The goat rolls tasted great, but the portion could have been more,lol... it was 2 rolls halved. The price was 8,500 The tamaring glazed wings were alright. It was 7,500 The spicy cornbread was the best part for me overall. It was 2,500. The abula was generously portioned, and I was able to request beef instead of assorted meat. The taste was good and it was filling. The abula was 9,500. I ordered the oxtail hotpot to go, and I didn't enjoy it very much. It was very spicy and not really what I was expecting. Total spend for 2 was 52,500. Overall, it was a good experience.

  • Afolabi O
    Afolabi O
    4 months ago

    An amazing experience! We were looked after from the moment we arrived till we left. Great customer service from the young staff - paying attention to every detail, helping us move tables without any fuss when we asked to be seated elsewhere, stepping up to clean our table, without us asking, when we spilt a drink etc. The African themed decor, warm lighting infusion of flora & fauna creates a calming & homely effect. We decided to go al fresco with our delicious looking Amala. The outdoor sitting area provided the same cosy feeling with the cool & gentle evening breeze ensuring the delicious abula went down a treat. The assorted meat was tender & delicious & the Amala light and easy on the throat. It’s not an inexpensive experience with the 9,500 naira tag for their abula but it’s very well made abula and if you throw in the ambience, customer service & crowd it is a worthwhile experience. Definitely recommend. p.s. loved the bowl the food was served in

  • Mayowa Tijani
    Mayowa Tijani
    a year ago

    This place was a great experience. I went there in the afternoon and had some nice pounded yam and seafood okra. I enjoyed it. The portion is just about right. Its a little pricey, but that's what you expect from such a location. The ambience is great. The people are warm and courteous. The garden is great for pictures. I hear the Amala is flagship, but it wasn't available on Saturday, when I went. I recommend Kunu Aya.

  • Svetlana
    a year ago

    We just loved our evening at NOK, everything was great: food selection, food taste, cocktails, staff friendly attitude and the atmosphere overall. We have chosen a table indoor, but the terrace was even more beautiful with the plants and lights. I realised once more that the places with a limited menu and specialized on a specific type of food( Nigerian in this case) have the best dishes taste and arrangements. There is still enough choise for everyone: for the people who loves spicy or don't, for meet lovers or fish lovers, etc. The only small minus would be that the cocktails are too sweet for my taste, but I just changed to the palm wine, and enjoyed further the time. The prices are quite expensive, however it worth the experience.

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