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“Awarded with the greatest maximization in West Africa, Number One Oxford Street Hotel & Suites is an iconic building in the heart of Accra. The building emanates a dual personality as a landmark during the day and a beacon at night, reverberating across the entire city. Its cantilever design makes use of the airspace to deliver 108 luxury hotel spaces with unobstructed views of the sea and city.”- Number One Oxford Street Hotel and Suites

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468 reviews
  • Ebenezer Quainoo
    Ebenezer Quainoo
    a week ago

    My stay at Number was amazing. The rooms are top notch and service was excellent. The location is very advantageous and makes movement easy. I highly recommend the facility to everyone!

  • Anand C
    Anand C
    a week ago

    5-star experience! From the moment I stepped into this hotel, I knew it was something special. The staff's warmth and attention to detail are unparalleled. The room was a perfect blend of modern comfort and elegant design, with stunning city views. Cleanliness was top-notch. Dining at the on-site restaurant was a culinary delight – every dish was a masterpiece. The central location made exploring easy, and the staff's local tips enhanced our visit. A truly memorable stay. If you're looking for luxury, impeccable service, and a prime location, this is the place to be RoomsStep into comfort and sophistication with hotel rooms, a haven of tranquility in the heart of C. Impeccably designed, each room boasts modern furnishings, plush bedding, and thoughtful touches that ensure a restful stay. The panoramic city views from the window add a touch of magic to the ambiance. The attention to detail extends to the spacious bathroom, equipped with premium amenities for your convenience. With a seamless blend of style and functionality, rooms provide a welcoming retreat after a day of exploration or business. Expect a stay where comfort meets elegance, creating a memorable experience that lingers long after check-out. Food & drinksIndulge your senses in a culinary symphony. From the first sip of expertly crafted cocktails to the last bite of decadent desserts, every aspect of the dining experience is meticulously curated. The menu reflects a commitment to quality, featuring locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavor combinations. The presentation is a visual delight, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. The attentive staff contributes to a seamless dining experience, providing knowledgeable recommendations and personalized service. Whether you're a seasoned food critic or a casual diner, diverse offerings and attention to detail aim to leave an enduring impression on your taste buds.

  • sheritta knowles
    sheritta knowles
    a month ago

    I have not yet checked into this place, but my first encounter with customer service already gave me a lousy impression of the place. The reservation person (Rajeesh) I spoke to was just very incompetent. He does not know how to talk to customers with his strong Indian accent. His poor communication skills indicate how unfit he is; it’s very damaging to have such an unprofessional person with poor manners and communication skills to deal with customers. This poor professionalism will discourage customers from returning or recommending this place to friends and family. Reading reviews before booking is highly recommended.

  • Mariam Momodu
    Mariam Momodu
    5 months ago

    My stay was a good one, staff were very helpful, breakfast was nice, the fresh coconuts made available was just amazing. The hotel has a nice interior with art pieces which is quite nice to see. The room was clean with a good view of the city. My only issue is the bathroom which needs to be improved. Hanging two towels ok a very small rack was not nice especially after use,the sink doesn’t drain properly as a result of the shape of the constructed sink, no hooks on the wall to hang a towel instead of squeezing two towels together. The temperature of the water was a challenge as it was always too hot. Apart from the bathroom issue, everything else was great

  • Sierra Renee
    Sierra Renee
    a week ago

    The hotel is ok but the customer service is ridiculous. We booked in November and were sent a confirmation email. When we arrive all the way from America on a 11 hour flight during new years, they tell us we should have confirmed, paid a deposit to actual have the booking. That’s fine, we don’t mind but there was never any follow up. not an email, not a place to do it online when we put the card in, nothing. The email was a confirmation of booking stating that we COULD be subjected to a deposit. We booked directly through their website. Upon checking in, our room was magically sold out and we could only pay an extra $300 per night. What a scam! After threatening to book at the Marriott, they settled for $100. Nothing we could do as we are not local. I also went online and booked a room while I was at the hotel to see what would happen! The same thing happened. No place to deposit, no follow up and I put my card into the booking. In fact when I went to the front desk they said it never even came through, despite me getting a confirmation email stating that I had a room!. They should have honored our rate. Also when checking out, they tried to hold us up about a missing robe as if we would steal a dirty robe used by 100s of ppl before us. I wouldn’t even put a hotel robe on my body. Be serious. I told them we got all the time in the world, if they want to search my bag about a filthy robe! Would not stay here again. Also our driver had 2 seconds to let us out the car before they shouted at him. They repeated this every day. It was exhausting. Never again.

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