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Siviwe Tours is a locally owned and operated tour company that specializes in Cape Town township tours in Langa township.

Founded and owned by Siviwe Mbinda, a Langa local, Siviwe Tours aims to introduce the true face and culture of Langa to a wider audience.

“Unlike many other tour companies, Siviwe Tours is a locally owned and operated business, providing employment and opportunity to local residents.

Siviwe is also the founder of Happy Feet Youth Project. The whole company is involved and supports the project and just by taking a tour with us you are also supporting this project. Happy Feet helps uplift local children through education, good nutrition, leadership and team building. This is possible through dance, after school assistance, a soup kitchen and different group events and performances.

Happy Feet youth project is most famous for Gumboots Dancing, a unique South African dance, once created by the men working in the mines in South Africa.”

– Siviwe Tours

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126 reviews
  • David Lane
    David Lane
    2 months ago

    Thank you to Ncumisa, at Siviwe Tours, and to Don, our guide, for orchestrating and leading our 2-hour tour walking tour of Langa Township. During the walk, Don described the history of townships and what life was like in them during and immediately after the apartheid era. He also described and showed us examples in Langa of locally engineered innovation and micro investing bringing economic improvements and hope to a zone that previously had neither. This is an important aspect of Cape Town and South African contemporary history that should not be missed.

  • Sophie van der Meulen

    We had a fantastic tour through the Langa township with John. He was so welcoming and kind. His love for his community and passion for the ethical tourism project is infectious. He showed us the real life in the township; the history and present, the good and the bad. It was personal and moving. Tours like these are so important and it was one of the most interesting and rewarding tours I’ve ever been on.

  • Salma Al-Sayed
    Salma Al-Sayed
    a week ago

    It was an absolutely fantastic tour that makes you understand the township life away from the stereotypes of crime, illiteracy and poverty. You can sense the power community and resilience as you move around. A huge thanks to Nela who made me feel safe and welcomed. His passion towards his township was felt throughout the way and through the stories he spoke. Amazing experience

  • Bailey Rendzia
    Bailey Rendzia
    a week ago

    My friends and I had a great experience during our tour. Nela was a great guide. We learned quite a bit about the history of South Africa in general and Langa Township and got to talk with many other community members - all of them were so welcoming! Would highly recommend this tour to others.

  • Konstantinos Karmiris

    My family and I, we had a very interesting 2h tour in the Langa township with Siviwe Township Tours. We got there by our own rented car and parked it right outside the cultural center, which was the meeting point. For those of you who might have doubts whether they should go there by their own means or take the option of the pick-up from their hotel, I can tell you that the former is absolutely safe and you also save a considerable amount of money. Our guide, Nela, was there waiting for us. Nela is a habitant of the township. The tour he gave us was brilliant. He is a kind, knowledgeable and passionate person that made us feel very welcome, answering all our questions. During the whole tour, not only did we feel completely safe but also welcomed by all the people we met during our walk in the streets. The only thing we missed a little was some more interaction with the locals. For instance, visiting some people in their houses, especially the poorest ones, who could be benefited by such visits, or visiting a school. That was the only recommendation we had and passed on to our lovely guide Nela. All in all, this tour and the agency are highly recommended.

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