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Trees represent rooting and connection, which is one of the reasons why our family-friendly camps are named after our favourite African trees. The acacia tree is one of the richest symbols of Africa, its silhouette in the vivid orange and hues of pinks, harmonise with the tranquil sounds of the hornbill in the distance to create truly serene moments to share with loved ones.

Somalisa Acacia​ is the perfect ​Hwange safari lodge​ experience for families with younger children or, for smaller private groups of safari-goers. This ​family safari​ camp, located slightly to the west of sister camp Somalisa sits on the edge of a seasonal floodplain in Hwange National Park. ​Somalisa Acacia​ is tucked away beneath the dappled shade of an Acacia grove. A place where meeting an elephant in your backyard is not at all a fanciful notion. Especially if your backyard happens to be the largest natural reserve in Zimbabwe, famous for its rich diversity of wildlife. In addition to the large families of elephants that frequently roll across the golden plains of Hwange to visit the camp’s elephant pool, keep a lookout for swift cheetah, dazzling zebra, honking hippos and the graceful giraffe that may saunter into view.

– Somalisa Acacia Camp

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3 reviews
  • Alex Koi
    Alex Koi
    4 years ago

    The camp is an out of this world experience. You can see up to thirty elephants drinking at the water hole by the camp. Sometimes the even drink from the infinity pool. The lion pride here is the decendence of Cecil the Instagram favorite. It is a miracle that the pride survived without a male king for two years. This video shows the new king attacking Cecil son to show who is new boss.

  • Vreny Clement
    Vreny Clement
    4 years ago

    We visited Hwange Park for the second time and this time we were not billeted in the Somalia main camp but in the Acacia camp. What can I say, just perfect!!! Immediately upon arrival we saw many elephants in the camp and by the water. We were happily welcomed with singing and dancing. The camp is made for families, but we were lucky enough to be able to enjoy it alone. Nevertheless, we felt comfortable, in good hands and always welcome. The staff is warm, helpful and ready to joke around. Thanks alot! we will be back!!!!

  • Billy Chikwasha
    Billy Chikwasha
    4 years ago

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