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“The Prawnery is an exploration of traditional and legendary prawns dishes and other seafood favourites, and some dishes with our own spin! We serve limited red meat and chicken options.” – The Prawnery

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220 reviews
  • A N
    A N
    a week ago

    Beautiful setting, amazing food. Service is friendly but a touch on the slow side. Overall I'd return and recommend.

  • Yvette Diedricks
    Yvette Diedricks
    a year ago

    Celebrated a manifesting dinner at The Prawnery with my daughter. We received a warm, friendly welcome at the door. The inside was intimate and welcoming. The staff was amazing. The service speedy. Our waitress, Lettie was an absolute star. She had a warm smile, she was pleasant and professional. She explained the menu, made a few suggestions and treated us like royalty. The highlight was the food. It was absolutely delicious. We had spinach & cream cheese dim sum, seafood pasta and chilli, coconut & lemongrass prawn. Definitely coming back to try other items on the menu. It was a perfect dinner.

  • Melissa Griesel
    Melissa Griesel
    2 years ago

    We’ve been dying to eat here for ages and it didn’t disappoint! The crispy squid heads are the absolute best! Prawns and chips were also so delicious. Beautiful set up and atmosphere. Staff are warm and friendly. Thank you to the manager for also walking us to our car because I was alone with my son at night. Will definitely be back to enjoy again soon!

  • Mark Ho
    Mark Ho
    a year ago

    Parking can definitely become an issue. The vibe is nice and the staff is friendly. Only issue is that the waiting time for the meals were far too long. Also the food was under cooked and I had hard pieces of pasta. The dessert was probably the best dish considering it's called the "Prawn"ery.

  • Kerry-Lee Slamat
    Kerry-Lee Slamat
    2 years ago

    We had THE MOST AMAZING culinary experience today, at @theprawnery ‍♀️🥂🔥🦪 I can definitely tell you that Gordon Ramsay would approve of this Bistro! If you've heard about it and contemplating on going, IT'S WORTH IT and so is the money spent. I watch Hell's Kitchen and he is pedantic! I'm mad about Gordon Ramsay!!!! I'm such a foodie....I am a frequent winer and diner, I'm fanatical about things and especially, the plating and presentation because that's where it all starts! Your experience starts here!!!!! It's not for the light pocketed folk and you need to have time for the experience because everything is made.....FRESH....for you! Nothing is pre-prepared and it's 5 star with a European feel! The ambience and the vibe is just on point, the staff is sooooo incredible and the owner is a beautiful lady, welcoming her patrons with the friendliest face and the warmest hospitality. She's also hands on, right there, serving people and putting her personal touches on things, clearing tables and looking to make sure that all is on point. Stopping at your table to engage and share was also a win, because we have familiar and mutual social networks and interests. The staff are very friendly, very knowledgeable and eager to serve you, to look after you and make sure that you leave there....well taken care of, satiated ! I love that recommendations can be made and YES, the prawns nationale was MY WIN! The food may look simple but it's out of this world and ohhhh my goodness, the fusion of will literally clean your plate with your finger because it just has you wanting more and more! THANK YOU SO MUCH for the outstanding service, the experience and the delectable cuisine! We'll definitely be back and we looking forward to the Bubbles event 🍾🥂. "IT'S A MUST ADD" to your list of places to visit when travelling to Johannesburg/South Africa 🇿🇦 or looking for a stunning place to eat, if you live in Johannesburg!

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