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“A Pan-Afrikan Plate Dinner Club Experience in the Heart and Soul of Yeoville, Johannesburg with chef.” – Yeoville Dinner Club


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  • Amanda Kaburise
    Amanda Kaburise
    in the last week

    One of the most incredible culinary experiences I've had in South Africa. Pan African tastes done so beautifully. Incredible drinks. Its nothing you can experience anywhere else. Sanza is the best part of the experience with his warmth and love for Yeoville. Run, don't walk. I can't wait to go back.

  • Luca Danesi
    Luca Danesi
    11 months ago

    Ok, this has been hands down one of the best dining experiences I've had. The neighbourhood is not the safest so make sure that you speak to Sanza over whatsapp first to organize yourself. He will pick you up once you get to his restaurant but don't walk alone on the streets. Regarding the food experience and the atmosphere what can I say...You will feel like home and enjoy some of the best food you'll have in South Africa. Sanza will entertain you with his many stories and you will get to know so many people at your table, it feels like a family. Trust the process and trust Sanza! Thanks so much brother for this opportunity to dine in at your home, it was amazing!

  • Victor P
    Victor P
    6 months ago

    There's a hidden spot in Jozi that's definitely worth checking out. Now, I'll be honest, the area may seem a bit rough around the edges, but hey, it's home to many and it's full of character. Just get an Uber to drop you off and bring your own drinks. Here's a pro tip: give the host, Sanza, a call when you arrive. He'll come out to fetch you. And don't stop at the initial chat with this guy, he's a goldmine of stories and will make your night even better. The food here is nothing short of amazing. Yeah, it's a tad salty, but the flavors are like a world tour mixed with African traditional dishes - something you won't find anywhere else in town. Some might say the place feels touristy because they focus on making it an experience rather than just a meal. But let's be real, if this was in Camps Bay, wouldn't we all be raving about how cool that is? So here's the deal. This place is an absolute must-visit. It's more than just dinner, it's an adventure, an experience you won't forget. So, get on the phone, get that Uber, and get ready for a food trip like no other.

  • Katie Walsh Adams
    Katie Walsh Adams
    2 weeks ago

    Going to dinner at Yeoville Dinner Club feels like going home. Sanza is so welcoming and immediately makes you feel like family. The food was fantastic, and we learned while there that he doesn’t have a set menu, he gets inspired by what he has in stock or what’s fresh and pulls something amazing together. His dishes cover countries all over Africa and the flavors are incredible. The cocktails also can’t be beat. He makes his juices and mixtures and you can taste the difference. Sanza also provides fun conversation and insights into South African history and culture throughout the evening. Be prepared to stay awhile and have more than a few drinks to make the most of this unique dining experience.

  • Gijsbert Hoogendoorn
    Gijsbert Hoogendoorn
    2 months ago

    Unique experience in Johannesburg. If you want to avoid Posebank, Farts on Main and Bumfontein.

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