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Bushman Plains has been created to play a vital role in honoring our ancient Bushman culture, preserving our skills and knowledge, conserving wildlife, and preparing our youth for a successful future in today’s world.

We are working on three initiatives to respond to this mission.

1) Funding a program to provide tutors/teachers to expose young Bushman kids to English. Having a firm command of English is vital for advancing in education and to maximize opportunities in Botswana’s business world and in the top regional business of tourism. We want to ensure our kids in Gudigwa Village receive a strong foundation for their future.

2) We regularly host our community Elders at Bushman Plains. We are honored to invite them in as our guests in thanks for what they have done leading our culture. It is amazing to have these men and women who lived as hunter-gatherers come and reconnect to the bush that they have been largely absent from over the last three decades since settlement. We want these respected leaders to have the full tourist safari experience so they can see the value it is bringing as visitors care about our culture and keeping our skills in use. We also want them to see how these visits are paying to conserve our wildlife, heritage lands and for our economic upliftment. It is a one-of-a-kind experience when we have an elder sharing dinner with our guests and their stories are being translated between one another by our Bushman guides or camp Manager.

3) Development of a wildlife monitoring/research program.  We will be recording data on the wildlife populations in our area and examining human/wildlife conflict in our region and considering how such conflict can be mitigated.- Bushman Plains Camp

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7 reviews
  • Colin Fletcher
    Colin Fletcher
    a year ago

    My wife and I booked for 3 weeks here, but left after 15 days due to health AND not having any more interest at staying any longer. Paying $420.00pppn, this is certainly the worst experience my wife and I have had at any lodge in southern Africa since we started travelling in 2014. The food was terrible, with the cook being changed after so many complaints. The game drive vehicles, with nowhere spanner to change tyres, the car-jacks not working, having to wait until another lodge vehicle came by to help etc.etc I could go on and on and on. The "lodge" does not have a bottle opener !!! Staff left, some not paid for 2-3 months. This was a rip-off. My thoughts go to a very friendly staff.

  • Coralin Glerum
    Coralin Glerum
    4 years ago

    This safari camp was absolutely one of the highlights of our trip. What a wonderful location and people. The wildlife was spectacular. Our experience was so beautiful really didn't want to leave. Thank you to Dicks, Kay, Johndabeast and the whole staff!!

  • Taylor Sekoka
    Taylor Sekoka
    5 years ago

    Its amazing to see such wonderful place just not far from village area

  • Ajith Kurukulasooriya

    Great camp and wonderful team

  • R S
    R S
    a year ago

    Excellent camp with the best trackers imaginable. This camp was an unforgettable highlight of my tour.

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