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Dam good coffee at V&A Waterfront, cruise terminal. Makers Landing


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  • Alex Aidan
    Alex Aidan
    a year ago

    After tasting many shops across CT, this is by far the best. Both in beans and craft, but also the friendliest barista, full of knowledge and happy to share recommendations. Had to pick up a bag of their beans for the trip home. Note this is the real location. Ignore the other one on Google.

  • Nondumiso Myataza
    Nondumiso Myataza
    9 months ago

    LOVED the guy who was assisting me. He was super friendly and made me laugh all the way. Did I mention how cute and thoughtful my coffee was?

  • Mark Noah
    Mark Noah
    7 months ago

    Moses is a coffee scientist! A veritable rockstar in the coffee ☕️ 👌 industry. His passion and knowledge about coffee puts him above most Baristas/owners I know. Highly recommend Mo for a refreshing experience!

  • Yusuf Samsodien
    Yusuf Samsodien
    9 months ago

    Very few times you find a businessman more concerned with service delivery than actually receiving payment for his service. Once, the power was down and he just simply provided our coffee and said, "pay next time". The second, he waved away our concerns to pay and reminded us to enjoy the coffee and settle later. And the third time, he was already packed to leave, but still insisted to make us coffee and said "next time" as the Yoco payment machine was already switched off. Just love this guy and his beaming smile.

  • Iolanda Almeida
    Iolanda Almeida
    8 months ago

    Amazing service! Keep strong my friend. Regards from Mozambique, Cabo Delgado, Pemba (Ibo Rota do Café).

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