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“Three Private, Beautiful, Self – Catering Cottages.” – Ol Talet Cottages

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139 reviews
  • Julie Monast-Nadeau

    Wonderful escape an hour and a half from Nairobi. We stayed at Oromet and it was wonderful. The common pool is fantastic with many levels and different hangout spots. The place has 3 cottages, but very private from each other. Loved it all and will be back

  • Ouma Messo
    Ouma Messo
    2 months ago

    Aaww the views on these cottages are just to die for!! The rooms are modern yet unique with the main theme is use of natural resources and blending with nature! I lived my stay here and will definitely come back for more.

  • Willy Kamenju
    Willy Kamenju
    3 months ago

    A serene location with a vintage theme that guarantees peace of mind & a bit of fun too. The service was top notch as well. Simply magical!!

  • Elizabeth Njeri
    Elizabeth Njeri
    5 months ago

    Serene environment good ambiance lots and lots of fresh air The workers there are just perfect and very helpful

  • Vincent Muema
    Vincent Muema
    a year ago

    People talk of hidden gems and this is definitely among the top on my list! So getting there is easy, an Uber can do or driving with any personal car. There's only a little rough road around 100M as you enter the cottages. The hosts were extremely warm I tell you, don't think we lacked anything to be honest... We asked for 'a few photos' and swear they took way more photos that we bargained for Facilities were amazing as well my highlight being the jacuzzi and infinity pool! This is one of the few spaces I've been to that felt really homey! I mean from the architecture to the decorations, all so perfect to compliment the views. Yes, I'd go back here anytime to be honest. During my stay I was told a new cottage is being built for couples so definitely taking her back there ASAP!

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