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Voted Best Authentic West African Restaurant
2023 – Kenya


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  • Pauline Fauzia
    Pauline Fauzia
    6 months ago

    Beautiful west African restaurant with nice interior decoration and style. I love the ambiance and the color combination. I think they need to improve on the service,the staff should be more professional..According to me the restaurant look doesn’t match the kind of service provided. Food taste was quite ok and the portions were good too..

  • collins mbalo
    collins mbalo
    a year ago

    We checked in for lunch at 12:30 pm,the ambience,decor is appealing they get a five star for that, the staff were friendly and courteous as expected of a restaurant of such stature . For starters we had the Beef Suya ! It was tasty...let me just say in Africa we love our roast beef well well done !The flip is that it took a whole 18 minutes for starter to come!That defeats the purpose of a starter ! For the main meal I had Fish Stew with Joloff rice while my wife had the roasted goat with kelewele spicy plantain ( which was somewhat dissapointing in terms of chrispy bits instead of plantain medallions as shown in the menu ).For taste i give them a five out of five, the portioning is generous we had to get a to go pack! Our choice of food was moderate next time will sample the Egusi, fufu ,Eforiro for an authentic West African cuisine feel.I appreciated the table service !

  • Sammy Bundi
    Sammy Bundi
    in the last week

    I loved the restaurant. The first time foods I ate were amazing, the staff were polite, helpful, pleasant and generally awesome. The live music guys really knew their stuff.

  • Miss Rogue
    Miss Rogue
    11 months ago

    The wait time for food is extremely long. Took over almost 2hours to get our food, and the food came cold, I never understand how that happens. I had the fried goat meat that the menu claims is a favorite, it wasn't bad but also nothing special. We also ordered the sea food okra, that was basically just okra and a few small pieces of fish. The fires are hand cut, were decent. The atmosphere is nice the mural on the wall is so captivating. Couldn't stop staring.

  • Charles Atenya
    Charles Atenya
    7 months ago

    Hearty meal, with generous portions. The Eforiro (stir-fried vegetables cooked in palm oil,mixed with various meats... goat, beef, dried fish, and offal) .... tastes way better than the description. The pounded yams are soft and compliment the meal very well.. 9/10 recommendation

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