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Voted Best Authentic West African Restaurant
2023 – Kenya

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Google Reviews

49 reviews
  • M O
    M O
    3 months ago

    Much better than their other location. The food was amazing, the service however could be improved. Affordable, good ambience and their menu has something for everyone!

  • Kenya Geographic
    Kenya Geographic
    3 months ago

    Mama Ashanti’s Waterfront on the ground floor of the Waterfront Mall in Karen builds on a West African food safari that began in 2014 here in Nairobi in the Lavington area when Nigerian-born Afum Matta and Ghanian-bred Akuomoah Boateng, aka Kwame, introduced the culinary delights of West Africa to the ever curious Kenyan capital. Here, the freshest ingredients and bold spices, following original recipes passed down from generation to generation are used to conjure up dishes that are an expression of a rich West African culture. Inspired by their African roots where cooking is not only a means to an end but a celebration of ingredients, they both set of on a journey to share a taste of Nigeria and Ghana fused with a touch of Kenya here and there, with the world. Kwame particularly draws inspiration from his mother, watching her prepare meals for her family over an open fire back in Ghana. He still has an original handwritten recipe from these kitchen interactions that is proudly framed and put on display at Mama Ashanti Lavington. On the day of the visit, a half kg of Mama Ashanti fried goat with a sizable serving of fried plantain with onion and tomato salad sounded like a great way to experience West Africa. Try their Dawa. It's quite other than anything else you have shared. Too bad they were playing some classical instrumental ballads, which were terrific, but it would have been nice to catch up with some renditions from the motherland.

  • Pauline Fauzia
    Pauline Fauzia
    10 months ago

    Beautiful west African restaurant with nice interior decoration and style. I love the ambiance and the color combination. I think they need to improve on the service,the staff should be more professional..According to me the restaurant look doesn’t match the kind of service provided. Food taste was quite ok and the portions were good too..

  • Mwangi Kirubi
    Mwangi Kirubi
    2 weeks ago

    I don't understand why it took an hour to prepare our food. And when it came, the plantain was too little. The chicken tasted yum, the fish as well. I'd return for the food though. The ambience is good too.

  • collins mbalo
    collins mbalo
    a year ago

    We checked in for lunch at 12:30 pm,the ambience,decor is appealing they get a five star for that, the staff were friendly and courteous as expected of a restaurant of such stature . For starters we had the Beef Suya ! It was tasty...let me just say in Africa we love our roast beef well well done !The flip is that it took a whole 18 minutes for starter to come!That defeats the purpose of a starter ! For the main meal I had Fish Stew with Joloff rice while my wife had the roasted goat with kelewele spicy plantain ( which was somewhat dissapointing in terms of chrispy bits instead of plantain medallions as shown in the menu ).For taste i give them a five out of five, the portioning is generous we had to get a to go pack! Our choice of food was moderate next time will sample the Egusi, fufu ,Eforiro for an authentic West African cuisine feel.I appreciated the table service !

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