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TanguliaMara camp is a rustic and cozy tented bush camp perched on a leafy hill overlooking the Olotulo-Murt salt lick, by the Mara River. It is located on private land and has an emphasis on authentic safari and African experiences. Tangulia is a Swahili word meaning “to lead.” Our camp’s mission is to be the leaders in African Safari by allowing our guests a comfortable private stay with an array of unique safari experiences that will remain in your heart for a lifetime.- Tangulia Mara

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27 reviews
  • melinda meijer
    melinda meijer
    3 weeks ago

    My stay at Tangulia Mara was an absolute dream come true! From the thrilling safari adventures to the warm hospitality of the staff, every moment was unforgettable. The guides made each game drive an adventure filled with knowledge and excitement. And the food? Absolutely divine! Every meal was a culinary masterpiece that left me craving for more. If you're looking for an exceptional safari experience with amazing staff and food, look no further than Tangulia Mara.

  • Jen Kuhlmann
    Jen Kuhlmann
    2 months ago

    My husband and I recently stayed at Tanguila Camp and had an experience of a lifetime! The property itself sits right in the middle of the bush with expansive views of the wildlife- both from the communal areas and your tented camp. The food was plentiful and delicious. You had the option to sit with your fellow guests at meal time or you could sit separately (we chose to sit with everyone….that’s half the fun!). Felix, the property manager, sat with us at every meal, which we very much enjoyed. He also knew we were antsy to get a little physical activity so he led us on a short little workout, running up and down the steep hill several times. My point in this is that they are very helpful and aware of your needs. The dining staff was phenomenal and the bar options were actually really good! We chose to hang out in the communal area for most of our free time. This leads me to the only negative part of our stay, which was our room was very, very hot and humid during the day (at night it was completely fine. Cool and breezy). They do have a fan in the room but it doesn’t help much. The good thing is, with the game drives and meal time, you really aren’t in your room much. The communal area is beautiful and the bar is there so it’s a great place to park for a while. There is a cute little shop too! Every single meal we had was delish! And I can’t forget to mention our driver, the only female driver in the conservancy, Lucy. She was knowledgeable and very passionate about the animals. I highly recommend Tangulia Camps!

  • Laurie Laykish
    Laurie Laykish
    a year ago

    Host Masi Jackson is amazing. He knows the area better than anyone. You will see more animals than you can dream of. The tents are comfortable and safe, overlooking a river and watering area where animals abound. The staff is helpful and food is good.

  • Sultan K Boen
    Sultan K Boen
    10 months ago

    An excellent place to be. Great guiding from one of the presenters of The Big Cat Diaries. Highly recommended.

  • Derek Unruh
    Derek Unruh
    4 years ago

    Awesome staff! Awesome camp! Have stayed there multiple times and never been disappointed. Great guides. I challenge you to ask Sam a question about the animals that he can not answer!

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