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Great food
Great music
Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between

– Milan


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2,897 reviews
  • Bartosz “batiz” Pióro

    Comparing to Europe below average club. Below average food with above average prices. Management doesn't call back at all. Friendly staff at least :)

  • hitesh kapoor
    hitesh kapoor
    2 weeks ago

    Good food , friendly staff and nice ambiance. Music was not to happening when we went there . I guess the real fun starts post midnight . Was a good evening spend with friends and would go back again soon..

  • Globetrotter
    a month ago

    Perfect lounge after a long days work.

  • Madu Nwegbu
    Madu Nwegbu
    8 months ago

    Nice ambience. I was there on a Sunday and I guess it wasn't a busy day as it was scanty . I could only imagine what a busy day would look like. DJ was not bad at all. I liked the environment

  • Kendi Njue
    Kendi Njue
    2 months ago

    Apologies, but Milan is overrated. You are not allowed a table unless first purchasing a bottle, my party only drank beers and cocktails so we ordered the cheapest bottle on the menu which was a white wine for ksh 3500 and the waitress had the nerve to state that she needed to first confirm if we'd spent enough on a bottle to be able to order anything other than bottle service 🤨 It's absolutely ridiculous that a Clun can deny PAYING customers parts of their menu because they haven't spent ENOUGH!! For the ladies, waitresses are skimpily clad and will girate on your male companions and only address them...I was with my husband 🫤 My husband was so pissed, how disrespectful can a facility be?? This whole place is a joke. Would not recommend even in desperate times, its better to stay at home unless as a woman you are okay with being disrespected and for the Men, only visit if you are willing to spend a small fortune.

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