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You can choose from our diversified line of shops at our food court at paDendere and order online or just visit us for an experience that you won’t soon forget.



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  • Tinashe Clyde Chanetsa

    The place looks really amazing and put together, but the food still needs abit of work... The chicken wasn't that fresh and my friend couldn't even eat her schnitzel because it was tooooo salty.But the atmosphere was definitely nice and would recommend for chills and drinks..

  • Busi Lorraine Magodyo Washaya

    I went for dinner with my kids. Make sure you make a reservation. The atmosphere, food, drinks and price is very great. The service was terrible and l understand they where short, but we waited over 30 minutes to be served and half of the menu wasn't available. Our food each was served 5 minutes apart.

  • Tracey Muradzikwa
    Tracey Muradzikwa
    a year ago

    I was served by a guy named Honest he was so friendly and very active. Everything is on point, but I think your menu should have variety from the usual menus.

  • Loh Udingeh
    Loh Udingeh
    a year ago

    loved the place went in e night lights make e place more beautiful

  • jack keuppens
    jack keuppens
    9 months ago

    We came when they just opened at midday so we where alone... they guided us around and let us choose a and out is very spacious! And they have their own special design and style a must see. The menu is not very variable but the biggest surprise came with the food. It was extremely nice their own spices made it to be special and very tastefull... We surely are going back for the food and see the environment when more people are in.

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