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“Discover Senegal’s vibrant beauty in this modern Dakar hotel and enjoy fine dining. Upscale amenities for business and wellbeing, including a fitness centre and a Spa.” – Radisson Blu Dakar

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  • robert egbe
    robert egbe
    2 months ago

    Nice hotel. They had a really nice open air live band playing downstairs by the pool the night my friends and I visited for dinner. The relaxed ambience was really popular with guests. I enjoyed it. I'm not sure I can say the same for dinner though. After we left the pool area and went indoors for dinner, it seemed as if the mosquitoes tripled inside. Hey, I know it's Africa and it's night, but I wonder if anything can be done about this? Is there some kind of mosquito repellent gadget that can be deployed indoors to drive those annoying insects away? Also, the food took about two hours to get ready. That wasn't nice. We were hungry as hell. I don't really blame the hotel staff though. We were like eight on our team and we got to the hotel at about 8pm. We placed different orders and when our orders came, everything was all mixed up. The waiter seemed to be overwhelmed, especially with the language barrier. It's a French-speaking country and the waiter's English wasn't great. Our French was poor too, so, it took everyone some time to sort things out. I didn't stay over at the hotel so I can't comment on their rooms. My friends did though and they didn't have any complaints. In the picture below, I'm the one in the blue suit.

  • Shanna Cox
    Shanna Cox
    2 months ago

    Nice hotel, a bit on the pricey side for Senegal compared to the amenities there. Connected to the mall so convenient in that way. They also don't do a good job keeping up with pool charges to the room, someone tried to scam us. Thank goodness I took a photo of the receipt for what we did order.

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute
    a month ago

    I had to switch to Pullman after one night here. 1) The noise: I couldn't sleep last night because of the noise from the party downstairs. At 3am random loud noises coming from outside sounded like construction. Then 7am people banging their door loudly nonstop. 2) The rooms are outdated, cold and not that clean. A lot of dust behind the bed. No bathrobe or slippers. Not enough storage for clothes. 3) The business center is full of mosquitos impossible to work. 4) Restaurants are overpriced, count 65 euros for a couple dinner (no alcohol). Overall the value for money is ridiculous. 200 Euros per night for this is a joke.

  • Hema Kesa
    Hema Kesa
    a month ago

    The location was excellent, the food was good and breakfast staff were very efficient. Service at dinner was poor. The upkeep of the rooms needs attention. The bathrooms are old, the shower had no hot water and the bath was mouldy. Management is disinterested to complaints. The hotel is extremely expensive and not worth the price.

  • James Cummings
    James Cummings
    4 months ago

    This hotel is a 5 star experience. The staff are very professional and friendly. The only reason that my room gets 4 stars is because I was supposed to have a garden view, but all I could see was a roof full of solar panels. Perhaps it is a solar panel garden. Everything else was beyond expectations.

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