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In Sobo Badè the different buildings occupy the space like an architectural work of art built over time with the imagination of the moment. The rooms are equipped with basic comforts and are fairly modest in size. They are decorated with originality by the artists in residence, some have a direct view of the beach and the sea, others of the garden. They are equipped with solar bulbs and are all ventilated or air-conditioned (we even have some with television)

At L’Engouement most of the rooms are built of mud or terracotta bricks, some placed with a compass following the construction technique of the Nubian vaults. In this place the electrical energy coming only from the sun, only the ventilation is possible.

All beds are equipped with mosquito nets, hot water is provided in buckets at all times of the day and night on request. (It should be noted that from June to November the slight freshness of tap water is rather welcome…) –


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  • Markus DeWinter
    Markus DeWinter
    2 weeks ago

    The Hotel itself is quite nice and has a touch of a fairytale castle. The room was a bit under the standard for the price. We did not feel very safe in the area around the hotel.

  • Palmtop_Tigerr
    a month ago

    Review on behalf of my client. They said they loved their stay. Affordable. Food was good. Rooms was exactly as described. Beach access was plus. Beautiful scenery, especially at sunset. Cons: wifi is questionable and the hotel is too close to locals. Locals are too noisy at night and didnt allow us to have good rest some night. They celebrate and its too loud. Would love for some sound proofing of the rooms atleast on the side facing the locals. Other than they got the bang for their buck. Little annoyances but overall good value and quality

  • John Wierda
    John Wierda
    4 weeks ago

    Was there for the restaurant, good food.. Very nice view

  • Jenna
    a year ago

    Super cute place, a bit rickety at times, good food. Some of the rooms are uncomfortably small, but we asked for an upgrade to an ocean view room and it was small but clean, arty/quirky and perfect. The food was also good and a good value. Only be warned they have problems with and the prices are not as low as they appear there. Still it was affordable and a good value.

  • Kharmencita Bridges
    Kharmencita Bridges
    10 months ago

    SOBO BADE= Beautiful architecture of different forms and designs made from mosaic, stones, shells, woods, stroh, metals and many other materials combines together that formed beautiful architectural designs. a perfect getaway to have a peaceful mind away from the city chaos and turbulence life. A perfect place to have a silent moment while staring at the horizon watching the sunset or sunrise. The shorelines and the rocky cliffs adorns the landscape.

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