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Unique Country lodge and conference centre. Located in the heart of Irene, Pretoria. Known for breakfasts, lunches, high teas & special dinner celebrations.

About the owner:
Siyanda Dlamini, a celebrated South African hotelier and entrepreneur and most importantly the owner of The River Meadow Manor in Irene.

As a highly accomplished businessman with 20 years of demonstrated expertise in the all-round management of hotel operations from both a business and leisure travel perspective. He is a focused leader; dedicated to quality, efficiency, and customer service. The River Meadow Manor acquisition is close to his heart as it culminates in several of his passions; intimate and boutique hotels, community projects, interior décor and established gardens.

Owner’s description

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Google Reviews

874 reviews
  • Balram Priya Ranjan

    I had a terrible experience at this restaurant despite having a reservation for breakfast on occasion of breakfast.Despite having booked a table, my family and I were turned away without any apology. The staff's attitude was incredibly rude, and their lack of professionalism was astonishing. Their only explanation was that it's not their problem and rather glitch in the system.I would strongly advise against dining at this establishment, as they clearly have no regard for their customers' time or satisfaction.

  • Thea Wheater
    Thea Wheater
    a month ago

    Out of this world: good service, friendly, helpful staff from the gate security, whole morning until we left 15:00. The quichés were delicious and the mix salad out of the ordinary good and super fresh. Can I please have the recipe for the salad dressing?

  • Krishna Priyadarshi

    I had high hopes for a lovely breakfast when I booked a table at this venue a week in advance. However, my experience was nothing short of a nightmare. Upon arriving, I was informed that there was no record of our reservation, despite having confirmed it on their website. The incompetence displayed was astounding. What was even more distressing was the abysmal attitude of the manager and staff. They were not only dismissive of our booking mishap but also incredibly rude and, shockingly,l. Such behavior is absolutely inexcusable and unacceptable in any establishment. This ordeal completely ruined what was supposed to be a pleasant morning, and I can't stress enough how disappointing and frustrating this experience was. I strongly advise anyone considering dining here to think twice, as they clearly don't value their customers or the reservations they make.

  • Captain Concrete
    Captain Concrete
    2 months ago

    The venue looks suitable for a big conference or wedding on a budget. Generally outdated and not well looked after. Small things like no water in a broken water feature, empty soap bottle in bathroom, 1 hand towel not folded up as it looks like it was left by last guest. The bed is hard but then some people prefer that. The room was clean. The “restuarant” which is laid out like a dining room and outdated. A Simple thing like a presentable menu would make a difference. The dining area was clean so that was a positive. General staff used the “restuarant” as a thorough fare as I gather the storeroom was in the restaurant area and they needed goods to setup for the big function they were having the next day, which was not pleasant. This showed that the big events were the real focus and not the individual travelers. Dim lights in dining area would create a cosy atmosphere rather than the stark white lights…..I ordered the chicken to be safe, it was delicious and the vegetables were nicely done. The chips were dry and I was not offered any sauce nor did anyone attend me so I could not ask for a sauce. No real care in the garden and parking area which is a hotels first impression on clients.. Hotel Impossible could assist get the place turned around as the buildings are sound and the location is good.

  • Jacques Fortuin
    Jacques Fortuin
    a week ago

    One of the most beautiful places ever visited, but shocking service.

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