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“Cultured, Quaint, Cozy Rooftop in the heart of Lagos.”

– The Terrace


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  • Oluwatobi Asekun
    Oluwatobi Asekun
    2 weeks ago

    It was such a pleasure being at this place. It’s got good vibes for people like me who prefer calm enjoyment. My pasta came with a generous serving of chicken (thanks chef!). The strawberry, passion fruit mocktail I had was a little too sweet for my taste though. The music was NOT LOUD, the staff were attentive and courteous. The best part overall was the feminine care products provided in the female restroom. I appreciate the effort to make the place comfortable.

  • Kiitan Idowu
    Kiitan Idowu
    2 months ago

    A rooftop restaurant with open air ventilation. It's gets warm but there’re enough fans to cool the restaurant. The staff are courteous and know the menu. The ambience is great with lots of plants, and it’s got a good DJ. For an appetizer, I had the “Wing it” - Korean style wings. I prefer the wings without the sauce, but it didn't taste bad with it. I give the wings an 8/10. For my main course, I had the Fishermans curry with a side of coconut rice. The waitress recommended coconut rice and it was divine. I would highly recommend this dish. I also had the Mixed grill platter (to share) which was delicious. I enjoyed the grilled vegetables and the spicy chicken wings. The mango salsa was good, but I'm not a fan. My date and I shared a bottle of white wine with our meal. The only downside was that I had to battle flies for a bit before an extra was brought to help the situation. Asides from this, it was a really good experience.

  • Pearl Odigwe
    Pearl Odigwe
    a week ago

    One of the decent places in Lekki that is not too pricey with the boho feel. Try out the Fisherman's Curry if you are there. So tasty!

  • Ukemeabasi Esiet (Ukeme)

    I had a great experience at the Terrace this past weekend. I was there for Jollofication by World Jollof Day and World Plantain Day (Dodo Gang) and it was a special occasion so there was a special event menu themed around plantain and jollof. I first ordered the Kelewele which came out promptly. My only complaint was that they forgot to put the Rodo Sauce on the side when they first served and had to get it from the kitchen. The Kelewele was sweet and spicy and the sauce added a good kick. I also shared the Jollof Plantain Tacos with a friend and had one taco to myself. It was definitely an interesting experience with the jollof rice, plantain, and goat meat, but the combination was delicious. For drinks I had the Ginger Beer, orange juice, and apple juice, which were all good. The ambience of the location was nice. The actual restaurant is located towards the rear of the property, so it was a little confusing when I first walked into the compound, but once I found my way it was fine. The service was good. There's a good number of staff on hand to cater to your needs and the security were also accommodating. Overall, I would recommend The Terrace and I look forward to visiting again.

  • Jeremiah Zenmaster George

    If you want to sit somewhere and have a quiet time while enjoying a chill ambience then the terrace is your go to place, you can tell that the owner(s)/ designers were very intentional about wanting to create a zen environment. Sadly I was only able to capture images of the desserts I had with friends.

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