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“A rooftop lounge and restaurant offering a panoramic dining experience & exclusive parties.” – Enigma Sky Lounge

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14 reviews
  • Yen
    4 weeks ago

    Decent roof top bar, but like the other reviews, food and drinks take forever. Chicken wings were ultra dry, great views from above and decent dj. Best you go with your own crowd. It's inside the Signature apartments on the top floor. Compared to Sky Bar across the street, enigma is a couple notches below.

  • Abby Koomson
    Abby Koomson
    in the last week

    The views and musical vibes were great! However... much like other spots in Accra, service was lacking. They seemed to be out of ingredients needed to make simple drinks like an old fashion. What ruined the experience for me was the selection of high tables and chairs. There is absolutely no foot rest on the base or mid-region of the tables - and the ones on the chairs were too high. So you either leave your feet dangling all night or fold them too high. Either way you risk cutting off circulation to your limbs. At one point I could not feel my feet and had to stand in a small corner to get blood flowing to my legs again. Finally, the food was subpar. Everything was cold and certainly tasted pre-made and heated in a microwave when you order. As much as I enjoy the ambience of a space, comfortability is of utmost importance to me. Those are the things that will keep me coming back along with great food.

  • Nana Addo
    Nana Addo
    3 weeks ago

    Absolutely delicious. However, non alcoholic cocktails have to be requested for and ‘specially’ made as they have just alcoholic cocktails on the menu. Food was really good and came pretty fast. we had nice time with the bar guys

  • Jessica Lawrence
    Jessica Lawrence
    a month ago

    This place is an ABSOLUTE DISASTER. If I could give it NEGATIVE stars, I would. Despite its outward beauty, it's a cesspool of INCOMPETENCE and filth. The staff couldn't care less about their customers, leaving us waiting for 45 AGONISING minutes just to place an order. The drinks, when they finally arrived, were contaminated with God-knows-what floating inside, a testament to their utter disregard for hygiene. And as for the calamari? It was a catastrophic mistake to even consider it. One bite was enough to make me gag. We didn't bother finishing our meal because we REFUSE to throw away our hard-earned money on such abysmal service and repulsive food. Avoid this place like the plague unless you enjoy subjecting yourself to MISERY and DISGUST.

  • Emmanuella Okai
    Emmanuella Okai
    a week ago

    The receptionist Rose was very rude and not helpful at all… indirectly sacking clients who took time to come there of all restaurants in Accra.. Not going there again. Security man too very rude. Dj ignorant… Total disaster, they ruined our celebrations tonight urgh!!

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