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“The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar was founded by a Mr. & Mrs Quagraine who shared a passion for Ghanaian cuisine and hospitality. They sought to create a space that would showcase the best of Ghanaian culture while providing a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience. Today, their vision has become a reality, and The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is a premier destination for food lovers and music lovers alike.” –

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2,129 reviews
  • Rose Walls
    Rose Walls
    3 weeks ago

    Live reggae; cool breezes; great drinks; excellent food and attentive staff. What more could you ask for? The Gold Coast always shine.

  • Sampa Sampa
    Sampa Sampa
    6 months ago

    The Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in Accra stands as a beacon of local cuisine, cleanliness, and unparalleled service. Upon entering, guests are warmly greeted by the impeccable service team, instantly setting the tone for a memorable dining experience. The restaurant excels in offering a diverse menu of local dishes, where each item sings with authenticity and robust flavor. Dishes such as fufu, banku, and red-red are meticulously prepared to perfection, showing a clear respect and celebration of Ghana's rich culinary heritage. Meanwhile, the cocktail bar offers an array of hand-crafted libations that pair harmoniously with the food. A noteworthy aspect of the Gold Coast experience is the atmosphere. With a tasteful blend of traditional and modern decor, the restaurant exudes an ambiance that is both comforting and stimulating. Live music complements the scene, presenting a well-curated blend of highlife, hip life, and afrobeats that imbue the space with an infectious energy. The cleanliness of the establishment is commendable. Tables are kept immaculate, and the sanitation standards in the restrooms and kitchen are admirable, showcasing their commitment to customer safety and comfort. In conclusion, The Gold Coast Restaurant and Cocktail Bar isn't just a dining venue - it's an experience. It stands as a testament to Accra's vibrant food scene, blending great service, traditional fare, and a lively atmosphere into a memorable culinary journey.

  • Juliana Bentil
    Juliana Bentil
    2 months ago

    If you’re a lover of good old time music then this place is for you. The place gets packed on Fridays

  • Sea Elsa (Sima Ellimas)

    But for the food and services, I would have rated them two. The ambience is okay and the outdoors is expansive - rare for most restaurants. A live band plays into the night. The bar looks great too. They need to work on their washrooms. Though neat, the place looks worn out and there is leaking water at the entrance which makes the place looks messy. Update: Their Saturday mornings waakye is classic. You should try it. Waiting service waa okay but it could be better.

  • Zachariah Ayamah
    Zachariah Ayamah
    7 months ago

    Loved the atmosphere and enjoyed the live band. Customer service was on point but didn't really enjoyed my banku which had a hard crust. The shito also needs to be worked on. The grilled tilapia was great though. Overall, it's a family friendly environment and would give it a second try cos of the music.

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