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“There are significant similarities between Ghana and Jamaica with regards to our food, culture and lifestyle. JamRockGH brings to you a taste of Jamaica in Ghana.” – Jam Rock Grill & Lounge

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  • Mizz Marvelous
    Mizz Marvelous
    in the last week

    My first experience here was amazing so good that I wanted to bring my family back with me .. however, the second time was very disappointing. On my first visit, the owner greeted me at the door, and made sure everything was that of a wonderful experience. Everything was fresh, hot and served promptly! The drinks were great, and the music was good. I don’t get paid for my reviews and I took the time out to make a wonderful video and put it across all of my social media accounts. I tagged them and didn’t even get a like, a response, share .. nothing!! When I inbox the restaurant after seeing other peoples videos being posted and reposted, the response was horrific and heartbreaking, considering how nice of a time I had.. when a patron shows appreciation for an establishment, gratitude should be appreciated.. the callousness that I got from behind whoever was at the keyboards was like a kick in my gut! They claimed they didn’t see my reviews even after I tagged them , @ them, mentioned them several times!! I should’ve listened to all the people that inbox me and commented on my posts with their negative experience, but I wanted to give them a second chance.. The second time I came back with my family. The place was not clean. We sat at a booth and the overwhelming smell of urine. We had to move, and it still smelled. The tables were sticky and dirty, and the Afro beats music was so loud and obnoxious . .. I asked the DeeJay if he could play some reggae music being that we were in a “Jamaican” or what I thought was a Jamaican establishment and was told that we have a night for Reggae music and I am in Ghana. Meanwhile, my flag is plastered everywhere and so are my Jamaican icons… Our food arrived. Everything looked the same. I couldn’t tell the pork from the chicken and the rice was cold and hard. And then they served it with a side of fish sauce that I thought was jerk sauce and poured it all over everything and that made it even more horrible!! Why would you serve a fish sauce with poultry and pork??? I literally wanted to cry because I was raving about this to my parents.. the service was lackadaisical and unattended. It took 45 minutes to get the bill and we had to go look for our server. It’s just unfortunate because the ambience is really beautiful. However the consistency isn’t. There is no such thing as “Ghanaian fusion food” our seasonings are completely different, and they don’t taste well together with that being said, the only thing that kind of tasted Jamaican to me was the curry.. the onions and green peppers on everything is wild and typical for Ghana garnish but Jamaican people cook with that and don’t like raw vegetables on our food.. especially red onions! I understand that seasonings may be hard to get here such as our thyme, pimento, and scotch bonnet pepper.. those are the quintessential ingredients for any Jamaican recipe without those you will never get the flavor of Jamaican food authentically! Do with this review what you will I said the ambience is beautiful. However if you’re going there looking for real authentic Jamaican food, that you won’t get there.

  • Sim Mck
    Sim Mck
    in the last week

    A great venue and excellent night out. The live reggae band were amazing. So effortless in their delivery. They sounded amazing. The service was very good by Ghana standard. The food was very tasty, however, my callaloo and saltfish was definitely missing the saltfish. Also the portion was small in comparison to normal Ghana standards. I ordered it as a meal so I was expecting it to have at least come on one plate with salad and plantain or something. Not my rice and peas on one plate and the callaloo on another with no sides. Small beers only! Hmm, a nice easy to make money but come on. At least have a choice. No one buys a small Origin! Overall the night was great with excellent company and a great atmosphere. The venue is lovely too. I'll definitely be back soon.

  • Simone Sharpe
    Simone Sharpe
    2 months ago

    Had to wait over 2 hours for the food to be served. One of our guests didn't get their food until 3 hours had passed. Cocktails were so weak had to ask for extra liquor. I had hoped it would be nice, but in my experience it wasn't. I was very disappointed. Very bad customer service. I wouldn't recommend this place. The highlight of the night was the live band.

  • Akosua Otoo
    Akosua Otoo
    4 months ago

    We were greeted on arrival by security staff, you go inside the main building and waiters and waitresses welcome you with beaming smiles on their faces. Benedicta(waitress) took our order and frequently checked on us to know if we were enjoying the food or needed anything else. Ambience was great, lot of seating area, food and drinks were delicious just a bit pricey, the food also lacked variety which I believe can be worked on, raggae live band was exceptional with variety of songs flowing in. On the whole ambience great, food delicious, customer service exceptional and I did enjoy myself. Would definitely pass by frequently. One great place to enjoy your Friday evening with cool reggae vibes, and Jamaican themed environment and oh I forgot to add if you’re a lover of jamaica or reggae like me you would love the Jamaican themed cabanas and ambience with the flag and pictures of great influences from Jamaica, Ghana and others. I could go on and on this place is definitely a place to enjoy either on a solo or a group of people

  • Ama Mensah
    Ama Mensah
    2 months ago

    My server Seth was very sweet, the food and drink however were not what I was expecting. I like the atmosphere of Jamrock and will continue going but won’t order food or drinks anymore. It felt overpriced for what I was served. The rice was undercooked and a bit hard, the curry goat portion was so small that I was shocked given how much I was paying and the piña colada tasted like it had no alcohol in it. I’m willing to give them another chance since others people food looked much better than mine. I guess I need to know what to order next time. Won’t go with curry goat again.

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