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“The African Regent has gained recognition as the hotel of choice for both international travelers and savvy locals. Our tagline – Simply ‘Afropolitan’- African and cosmopolitan, gives you a sense of what we represent.

Understanding the strong link between business and tourism, the African Regent provides an atmosphere to experience Africa and its rich culture right here at the hotel, making it a tourism destination in itself.” – African Regent Hotel



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25 reviews
  • Felix Nkansah
    Felix Nkansah
    2 years ago

    Fantastic restaurant, well-maintained facilities, excellent customer service.

  • Daniel Ofori
    Daniel Ofori
    3 years ago

    A cozy place with a fine environment for all your hospitality need

  • William Kwaku Larbi

    Their place is second to none

  • Sekinat Ifeoluwa
    Sekinat Ifeoluwa
    2 years ago

    It was. Very nice

  • Andy Mataley
    Andy Mataley
    3 years ago

    This isn’t the right location for The African Reagent Hotel

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