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A higher standard of fun and adventure, with new additions and old traditions.
Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Aborigines Beach Resort was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience. Our rooms are spacious, our rates are competitive and the service is unparalleled. Our team knows that traveling can be exhausting, and will do their best to make your stay easy and satisfying.

Established in 2013, Aborigines Beach Resort has created quite a bespoke, highly regarded intimate luxury resort from our home base in Keta. Living and working in this destination, provides Aborigines Beach Resort with valuable insights, local knowledge and cultural sensitivities that we share with all our guests through genuine connections in the community.​

Service, design and simplicity are at our core; when you book a room with us, you’re guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience.- Aborigines Beach Resort


Google Reviews

1,314 reviews
  • Diamond Freeman Mikado

    This a very serene place away from the noise of the big city. They have good service, good food, I am so happy I stayed a weekend here to rejuvenate. The people are also very nice to interact with along the beach. I would always come back

  • Paulilla
    3 months ago

    We came here for dinner. Food is quite expensive and tastes okay. We were the only guest for the entire evening and sat in the beautiful lighted garden.

  • Nipples Gee
    Nipples Gee
    a week ago

    Aside from the sea worrying the beauty of the beach. It's a nice place for a good getaway🥰

  • Emmanuel Edem Agbedanu

    This is a lovely resort ⛵. With all facilities you can imagine. They serve both authentic local and continental dishes. As for the breeze you will enjoy it.

  • Charles Ackeifi
    Charles Ackeifi
    3 months ago

    I had made our reservation through Joel before I read Mr Frimpong’s review and so I was tempted to cancel but my experience with Joel informed our decision to keep the reservation. May I say that I am glad we did not cancel? From check-in with Simon under the watchful eyes of Lydia, the Manager, to check-out with Fred, the experience was at variance to Mr Frimpong’s unfortunate visit and I will urge him to try them again. They will make you an evangelist! Is it under new management? I don’t know but what I can tell you is that Lydia is everywhere. She is galloping to the beach to ensure that the horses are ready, the next time she is collecting plates and another lightening a mosquito coil under your feet! Often she floats effortlessly and her staff responds. Mr. Frimpong you should know that the staff member who could not serve two masters has been dismissed! What he told you was a lie of a lazy staff member. The food was good! Very good, especially the yam and garden eggs stew! And the waitresses - Sefakor, Keleli, Abigail, Seyram and Ruth - made sure you received it warm and on time with everything else you asked for! . . . and the staff was very friendly. I loved the way they introduced themselves! Not this looking down and looking away and fidgeting stuff. They look into your eyes with the firmness of a business person but also a welcoming smile, even if it was not full full, that they are ready to serve to make your stay pleasant. At some point we saw a staff member carrying the baby of a customer out of the premises as the customer checked out. Try that elsewhere! With all that said, I will recommend that they allow you to manipulate your own DSTV, but even there, Fred was on hand to ensure that you could watch the Women’s World Cup in the comfort of your room. Our experience was exceptional and we can compare it with any 4-star hotel anywhere. We shall certainly do it again as it offers an oasis outside Accra.

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