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A higher standard of fun and adventure, with new additions and old traditions.
Inspired by the surrounding landscape, Aborigines Beach Resort was designed to make your visit a unique, comfortable and fun experience. Our rooms are spacious, our rates are competitive and the service is unparalleled. Our team knows that traveling can be exhausting, and will do their best to make your stay easy and satisfying.

Established in 2013, Aborigines Beach Resort has created quite a bespoke, highly regarded intimate luxury resort from our home base in Keta. Living and working in this destination, provides Aborigines Beach Resort with valuable insights, local knowledge and cultural sensitivities that we share with all our guests through genuine connections in the community.​

Service, design and simplicity are at our core; when you book a room with us, you’re guaranteed to have an extraordinary experience.- Aborigines Beach Resort

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Google Reviews

1,335 reviews
  • Emmanuel Nyaho-Tamakloe

    It's a great place to visit. I visit here more often because of the friendly environment and the tasty menus

  • Diamond Freeman Mikado

    This a very serene place away from the noise of the big city. They have good service, good food, I am so happy I stayed a weekend here to rejuvenate. The people are also very nice to interact with along the beach. I would always come back

  • 67Ghirl
    2 weeks ago

    First and foremost, I believe in total honesty and I say things as I see them, so here is my personal opinion and experience of Aborigines. Beautiful surroundings, calm and relaxing areas as well as livlier ones, loads of opportunity to improve too. I didn't like to see the Monkey family (Mum, Dad and Baby) in such a small basic cage with nothing for simulation. The Baby was very keen to interact, but Mum was always close by. There are plenty of sunloungers by the pool but all covered by a canopy. The pool itself, in my opinion, required some maintenance as there was a layer of 'scum' covering the water surface. The biggest letdown for this place was its Customer Care, or should I say lack of. Not one Staff member we said hello to, or interacted with, had a smile on their face. In fact, one of them was extremely rude, staring at us and giving my friend 'dirty looks' Overall, I was disappointed and it certainly not the place I remember since my last visit several years ago.

  • Selasi Akussah
    Selasi Akussah
    a month ago

    In December of 2019 I’d stayed in Aborigines with family it was a great experience, so I was always looking forward to staying over again. Unfortunately my experience over the last weekend was nothing to write home about. First, I think the standard room rate of Ghs800 is exorbitant, for that amount I was expecting that my AC would be working very well, I’d have a clean bathroom and excellent service. I didn’t get that. Bathroom was appalling something a little extra care at cleaning would fix, ac was sub par. For breakfast the option was to have it in your room or in the restaurant, I opted for room service indicating the time to be served. Time passed without my breakfast I had to resort to calling them with my own phone because the GHS 800 rooms telephone was not working, after breakfast I put the dishes out on a table in the balcony no one picked it up until past 8pm when I couldn’t keep quite any longer. I can write a whole book about my experience. This is constructive criticism, management of aborigines please please fix these and let’s keep coming for a great and better experience.

  • Patrick Anang
    Patrick Anang
    2 months ago

    A beautiful and serene resort along the coast of Ghana in the Volta Regional town of Keta. Unfortunately they only open their swimming pool to in-house guest but other facilities are available to the public.

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