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Al fresco dining in Nyaniba Market, Osu
Open 12pm-11pm daily


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  • Lawrencia Kwansah
    Lawrencia Kwansah
    5 months ago

    The environment was really calm and there were a few people around when I visited. The food was really good and the customer service was great. I was just a little disappointed about the vegetable rice as I thought I'd see a lot of vegetables in it. When the vegetable rice came, I could literally count the vegetables in it but aside from that I really enjoyed the food.

  • Smiling Muscles
    Smiling Muscles
    3 months ago

    Tree house is a very spacious restaurant and full of natural beauty. Ehe, the food is delicious as the staffs are awesome. It’s a beautiful place for family gatherings. I’d recommend tree house 👌🏾

  • Udo Gieraths
    Udo Gieraths
    3 months ago

    Very good food and service. Unfortunately this good impression was ruined by a crazy surcharge of 30% on the bill that is not mentioned anywhere beforehand. see attached picture

  • sebastian friedrich

    Great place and awesome staff. We got charged a little bit to much for our party of 20 and the team followed up even after we left the country so we decided to leave it as a tip. Food is very good, some more vegan options would be easy to squeeze into the menu and would make the place even better.

  • Simon Hald
    Simon Hald
    9 months ago

    Fantastic food. I tried the ribeye and had them make it medium/rare. It was exactly how it was supposed to be! I loved it. The prices are way more than your average Ghanaian restaurant, but if you need a touch of luxury it is definitely worth it. I marked it on my map and we are going to come back multiple times!

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