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Cocktails & great vibes in Accra, Ghana 🍹

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  • Bayor Adeniyi
    Bayor Adeniyi
    5 months ago

    Nice place. Simple and neat. Music is awesome but too loud. My eardrums are still buzzing. Audio team need to lower volume. There’s a thin line between good music and noise. If the volume had just ben like 20% lower it would have hit beautifully

  • Smiling Muscles
    Smiling Muscles
    4 months ago

    Bloom bar is that bar you hang out with friends and families and also network internationally. Great ambience. Had to leave before food arrives. Restrooms are not the best but clean enough to get by. Cheers

  • A Acquah
    A Acquah
    2 years ago

    Cute, sexy, fun, trendy in the heart of Osu. Unfortunately, the bar was out of the drinks I wanted. The one they sent wasn’t great. The music and vibe were cool. A good mix of locals and foreigners from UK/US. +1 They have a swing!

  • Ama Mensah
    Ama Mensah
    a year ago

    Come for a drink or two before dancing the night away somewhere else. Best during holiday season and on Friday nights. Nice cocktails will run you some money, but they’re tasty. Bouncers are annoying but they’ve never given me trouble over my clothes. Wouldn’t let me bring my umbrella. I think in a few years, they’ll have some steep competition. Nice decorations and the music is okay, not great.

  • Mira Yaache
    Mira Yaache
    a year ago

    Honestly of all of the many spots in Accra, this is the most fun bar club that there is, period!! The vibe is casual and not stiff, the music is amazing, food is great, drinks are great. You can literally have a blast with a small or big crew. We kept coming back because it was pure fun vibes no shakara, no stunting , no people watching, just pure good vibes and amazing music!

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