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  • kwaku oben
    kwaku oben
    12 months ago

    Highly recommended for out of town guests. Great music and service.

  • Evelyn J
    Evelyn J
    6 months ago

    Visited this place as it was on our list of places to visit as guests from London. It was just confusing, security was welcoming but just to get a seat order, drinks or partake in the party vibes was just chaos. I think if things were a little more straightforward it would’ve been a wonderful experience.

  • Vuyani Moerane
    Vuyani Moerane
    2 months ago

    You guys say on your social media platform, you are open until 2pm. I got here around 13:20pm, tried to go in, but the security refused me entrance because you are apparently renovating.

  • Choushi choushi
    Choushi choushi
    2 years ago

    Although small, it is very difficult to find parking, and just divided by a wall next to PDL. I wish the owner of PDL and KONKA could talk, destroy the wall and make one thing. YOU can’t have 2 Pubs/chisa nyama divided by a wall. But KONKA is very classy, the bar/lounge area is exquisite. From the moment you walk you walk in, the atmosphere is excellent.

  • Jacob Makgato
    Jacob Makgato
    6 years ago

    Lovely place for relaxing and kicking back after a week of hard work. Great atmosphere with people who are socialists and genuinely looking to have a good time. They usually host top DJs and artists to perform at the venue.

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