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Pahari in the Shona language means “a place of pots“. In our African culture pots are made out of clay and are designed to create the best flavours on the natural fire. We grew up eating various types of our African cuisine from the African pot. Some of the best recipes have disappeared with time and the skills to create them have gone with our elders. Pahari African Restaurant aims to recreate the taste as it used to be with special attention to detail.

Our African dish is based on Sadza (also known as Pap) and everything else is designed to accompany it. Sadza in Shona is created from various types of millet: chiefly maize, but rapoko (finger millet) or brown rice can supplement. Various types of relish are often served along with Sadza. This relish ranges from beef stew, ox trotters, tripe with offals, free range chicken and the popular Mopane worms mostly found in the forests of Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. Green vegetables are also a supplement in every plate, they come either fried or in peanut butter.

We believe this concept of African Traditional food must be shared among all food lovers internationally. It does not need to be a secret. So come along and experience a unique African cuisine dining experience at Pahari African Restaurant.

-Owner’s description

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Google Reviews

488 reviews
  • Angie Masango
    Angie Masango
    2 months ago

    Authentic Zimbabwean food, delicious and well presented. Hostess was attentive and friendly, meals were served with a smile. I really enjoyed my meal We each ordered different meals and got to share. The brown rice with peanut butter was a winner and was mupandawana -(meaty bones with veggie/kale)

  • John Lueder
    John Lueder
    5 months ago

    Very good African Restaurant. We had a wonderful experience trying different types of African food. The price was also very good ca. a bit more than 1000ZAR for 5 people. Die Bedingung war auch sehr nett.

  • María Mora
    María Mora
    a month ago

    Amazing food, starters are the best! Wonderful service, you will feel at home. And if you would like to learn more about the dishes, Florence offers cooking class on Airbnb experience. Highly recommended! Safe area and able to park in front of the restaurant for your convenience. People from every other country are very welcome!

  • Anouchka Ramkishore

    Really lovely African restaurant in Cape Town near the Woodstock area. Would highly recommend visiting and trying the food out. I would warn that the portions are huge so air on the side of ordering less, trying the foods and adding on if you’d like more. Ordered the peanut and greens, grilled chicken wings with a sauce, and two types of pap. Overall, it was good. The service was amazing and everyone there is so friendly.

  • Mercy Mwai
    Mercy Mwai
    2 years ago

    Love the place been coming here since they opened. New staff not understanding service though and it has become slow. Love Guru but have given up coz every time it has sand. Besides that I always come back to support with other dishes. Also not even one staff had mask on with all Covid compliance in all restaurants

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