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AM Lodge is an exclusive, award winning, five-star lodge offering the Big 5 Experience that is situated on our own private reserve in the Klaserie region.



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  • Михаил Коган

    Best staff, when we came our lunch was awful, our diet (ex lactose, gluten) were ignored and not mentioned my the management, meat quality was awful and the fish was unfrozen many times. We told our chef how to improve and the same day dinner was better, they made everything that followed diet but we were disappointed by the wine list, so they bought new wine and meat next day. Later on everything was amazing. In conclusion the workers do everything they can but the management is awful and doesn’t even qualify the employees. Also the building was old and in one of the rooms we had a present such as a bug or a lizard. The photos on the website are no trough. Not to repeat myself but the employees are the best, the management is AWFUL! The image has a photo from the web page on the top and the reality at the bottom.

  • Jennifer Whalen
    Jennifer Whalen
    a year ago

    We (the Bender couple) had an amazing time celebrating our 5yr. anniversary with the staff! We miss you! From the moment we arrived to the second we left, everyone was so kind! We stayed for 7 nights and would absolutely do that again. We thank you so much for such a great stay and we’ll be back soon!!! - Kyle & Jenny

  • Hope Sono
    Hope Sono
    3 years ago

    The culinary experience was really disappointing considering how much the place costs. Breakfast was the same for the 2 days we were there and it was just basic, nothing special. Lunch I had a tasteless and dry “chicken burger”. I had to ask for hot sauce to at least have a bit of flavour. I kept adding salt and pepper too, it was that bad. Dinner was usually better but still very basic and not what you would expect from a five star. The biggest problem here is that there isn’t even variety with the food so because we didn’t like the food were just starving most of the time. The rooms are really nice. They are beautiful you feel really comfortable but the standard is not matched when it comes to dining. The game drive was a bit disappointing because there isn’t much to see. I went to three game drives and all we saw was giraffes, Buffalos and impalas. They said there’s only 3 lions in the entire concession so imagine going for a game drive looking for 3 lions. The ranger and the tracker were very nice, they really made the situation bearable.

  • Dr Pully Molokwane
    Dr Pully Molokwane
    3 years ago

    The staff, the rangers, the spa and the tranquility.. all out of this world. Our private chef made sure that she makes breakfast different everyday. The finishes and all oh wow!! The game drive was excellent, managed to see almost all the animals including the lions(Gustav and his partner), we continued to see more as we relaxed around the pool at our Villa. The bush walk was another experience with all the bush games and tracking 101 that we got. My family had a good time. Will do it over and over...Keep up the good work AM Luxury team.

  • Orlando Sadie
    Orlando Sadie
    11 months ago

    5 star lodge / service / staff very friendly. Day Spa won numerous awards. Lunch must be booked in advance with the chef

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